Professional Golf association Llandudno Cup

Having been recommended to the PGA, we were asked to create a professional and elegant setting for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Llandudno Cup. This is held every four years in the Uk and is a golf match between Great Britain and Ireland versus the United States of America, it was imperative to provide a fitting outdoor settings for these events.

To achieve a clean bright look to the event which fitted with the ethos and branding of the client. Weather and time of year, also the sports approach and equipment worn by attendees had to be taken into account.
The clean modern white chair cover provided by our supplier gave us a bright site line and look. Then using the pantone blue from the PGA brand we installed non slip carpeting on the walkway decking to link in to the event

Stage with coverd chairs.jpg

The lectern and trophy stand where chosen and made to create a modern yet strong solution for the Substantial trophy support, again using the pantone colour from the PGA to link this in with the rest of the event. Finally our florist arranged simple garlands in the PGS colours to link both sides of the staging together and add the finishing touch.

Stage and Lecturn.jpg

A clean professional arena for the opening and closing ceremonies which met with the clients standards and gained HPSS Limited another ongoing client.