M7CL in quality flightcase from 2008  - £9000.00 or make an offer.


  • Centralogic™ Total Access for Absolute Control
  • Virtual Rack
  • StageMix provides remote control of M7CL functions
  • Versatile Channel Module Functions
  • Outstanding Effects and Effect Control
  • Waves SoundGrid System
  • Efficient Interface and Control Functions
  • Features for Optimum Monitoring
  • Memory & Recall
  • Access and Data Management
  • Sends on Fader in M7CL V3 Editor

Yamaha LS9 32 in flight case 2007 £4000 or make an offer.


  • Lightweight and Compact for Superior Portability and Handling
  • No-compromise Analog Circuit Design Delivers the Best Sound in this Class
  • Intuitive Interface
  • 32 Mono Input Channels Plus 4 Stereo Input Channels expandable up to 32 or 64 channels in Two ayers
  • Extensive Channel Functionality
  • 16 Mix Buses, 8 Matrix Buses, Plus Stereo and Mono Buses with LCR Mode
  • Virtual Rack with Top-quality Effects
  • Recall Safe and Recall Focus...Right Down to Head Amp Gain
  • USB Memory Recorder/Player for Convenient Recording and BGM or Effect Playback
  • Detailed Access Management
  • LS9 Editor Software for Enhanced Operability and Programmability