Further Church Success for HPSS and KV2

Following a highly successful church install earlier this year featuring KV2 Audio’s ESD Series, Hull based sound specialists HPSS have installed KV2 in another Church. This time the St John's Church in Hull is benefiting from the outstanding performance of KV2.

HPSS’s Technical Manager Iain Firth assessed the churches requirements and advised that from a sonic and aesthetic viewpoint, KV2’s passive ESD Series would again be the ideal solution. 

Following advice from Iain the church opted for a Left/Centre/Right system flown in a central cluster formation. The 2-way 10” ESD 10 was loudspeaker of choice complimented by a single 12” ESD 1.12 subwoofer installed under the stage. A pair of 2-way 6” ESD 6’s were used to handle in-fill duties.

For this project the Church took advantage of KV2 Audio alternative colour options, choosing to go with white enclosures rather than standard black enclosures. 

Geoff Waring of the Church spoke of the install “The process was smooth from start to finish. The system has a very even coverage which is exactly what we wanted. Iain from HPSS worked hard with us to make the system suit our building for both speech and music. Aesthetically the speakers fit in very well and members of the congregation have commented on the great sound ”