Midas Pro 2 Given a Work Out!


With the new Midas Pro 2 only a few days old, it took to its second outing at the prestigious ‘On Angel Wings’ Christmas event at Beverley Minster. With Michael Morpurgo providing narration and a four-piece A Cappella choir providing musical content flawless audio coverage of the sell out 700 strong audience was essential.

The Midas Pro 2 provided the perfect control surface for the distributed L-Acoustic system that covered the main and outer naive’s of the minster.

10 HiQ’s along with 2 115XT’s and 2 108P’s were distributed around the venue driven from 8 L-Acoustic LA8 Amplified Controller’s.


The features of the Midas Pro 2 really came to light when setting up and aligning the system. The intuity of the board along with the superior sound quality helped the system work well in the acoustically difficult space very quickly.

With repeated thanks of praise from the client and audience members alike about the sound quality at the show the Midas Pro 2 and the L-Acoustic system worked hand in hand together on what is promising to be a great future for the board at HPSS.