Sound and Lighting for Paul Brady tour

Ground stacked L acoustics speaker system (16).JPG

HPSS provided a dV-DOSC PA system in various flown and ground stacked formats for various venues up and down the UK. John Munnis Paul’s Manager, Tour Manager and FOH engineer chose HPSS because of our ability to supply the L Acoustics dV-DOSC system a two truss lighting system and arrange all crew, equipment and crew system Manchester
PA hire Cambridge

Touring Monitor system.JPG

Whilst John Munnis mixed FOH and Keith (Cookie) Cookman Monitors for Paul ,HPSS system engineer Dave Cartwright mixed Sarah Siskind who supported and provided backing vocals for Paul. Terry Mulcahy designed programed and operated the Lighting which was system tech-ed by Keith (Maz) Harper and rigged by Damian Courage. Hugh Jones system tech-ed monitors. Richard Story drove the artic for Domino Events trucking.

Flown L acoustics speaker system (13).JPG