Sound Equipment Hire

L Acoustics

HPSS supply speaker systems for events of all sizes, from a small speech to a large outdoor festival. All our PA Hire systems are from the world renowned L Acoustics brand, widely regarded as one on of the best in the world, regularly used on many major events and by major artists.

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Small Speakers

The smallest speaker is the L Acoustics 108, but don't underestimate its power, 2 will do speech to up to 200 people and acoustic acts in small venues.
Used for-

  • Speech - for 20 to 300 people (in multiples)
  • Music - background music or foreground music for a small party
  • Live acoustic music for a few hundred.
  • Theatre front fill
  • Small stage monitor

Medium Speakers

Next size up is the 115XT/HIQ used for speech to several hundred, a band in a small venue and as stage monitors for musicians.  A great distributed system.
Used for-

  • Speech - for 200 to 1000 people
  • Live Music-  main system for smaller venues 100 to 500 people
  • Stage Monitor - for large stages
  • Front fill for Larger system

Medium/Large Speakers

The L acoustics ARCS system is used for larger events of around 800 to 2500 people these cabinets form a horizontal array so more boxes are used to cover a wider area and larger audiences, ARCS are also used a front fills for our larger system
Used for-

  • Speech - to a large hall
  • Live music - for around 800 people up to around 3000
  • Side fill monitors -  on larger stages
  • Front fills - on large systems
  • Festivals - up to 3000

Large System

L Acoustics KARA is a large scalable system, its modularity allows it to be used for a few hundred to many thousands of people. As a line source array (regarded as one of the best in the world) it can be arrayed to achieve very even coverage over a over wide audience area. From delicate speech to full on rock and roll this system can do it.
Used for

  • Speech - for large and very large halls and arenas
  • Live music - in halls for 1000 capacity and above
  • Festivals - for 100 to 6000 people or more
  • Flown - up to 24 in a hang
  • Ground stacked - up to 9 in a stack




The full range for L Acoustics subs is available with the capacity to just warm up the low end or shake you to the bone, whatever is appropriate.

Mixers Etc

HPSS have a full range of Mixers microphones etc to make your event work.